A Video Creator With A Dream


Roger Pokorny is a video editor, gaming critic and entertainment commentator. He's been toiling away at his future goals in his parents basement off a diet exclusively consisting of Taco Bell and Hi-C. Through those years, he's created highly produced videos including visual essays and podcasts focused around the gaming industry and pop-culture. He also works with clients in order to help create videos for larger audiences.  


Current Projects


My content consists of high-quality, longer form videos that revolve around the gaming and entertainment industries. Below is some of what I'm currently working on:


IGN Stories

Video Essay Series

IGN's video essay series delving into the minutia of a specific property. The topics can range from the story behind the success of a franchise to comparing two very different properties. Each week is unique yet equally intricute.

The Rogformer Show

Video Essay Series

A highly-edited project evaluating a bigger topic. One week, it may be about a fad in the gaming industry, the next about television, or maybe just about Kanye West. 

Bonus Points

nerdy Video podcast

Through the power of the internet, a positive young fellow from Arizona collaborates with a jaded and pessimistic friend from New York. They talk about the gaming industry and all things nerdy that they find interesting that week. 

This Week I...

Vlog Style Series

A look back on the last week of Roger's life with a slant on film, television, games and music. Each episode includes mini-reviews and talking points about pop culture, new releases and so much more. 


Client Focused Video Crafting


When creating through freelance, I am able to work with clients in order to make the best videos for their audience. Whether it's in the world of gaming or far outside of it, I will create something that's tailored to their needs as well as far exceeding expectations.