A Creator With A Dream


Roger Pokorny is a video editor, graphic designer and motion graphics artist. He's been toiling away at his future goals in his parents basement off a diet exclusively consisting of Taco Bell and Hi-C. Through those years, he's created highly produced videos including visual essays and podcasts focused around the gaming industry and pop-culture. He also works with clients in order to help create graphics and videos for larger audiences.  


Current Projects


My content consists of high-quality, longer form videos that revolve around the gaming and entertainment industries. Below is some of what I'm currently working on:


Super Throne Watch

Hip-hop podcast

Three friends sit down every other week to give their insights on the hip-hop scene and offer hot takes on the music, drama and just general foolishness. Hosted by OKBeast.com

Freelance Work

video and graphic work

Working with companies from around the world on projects ranging from video editing, graphic design, audio editing and branding is not only extremely rewarding, but it’s fun! You can look through my portfolio to see some of my freelance work.

The Rogformer Show

Video Essay Series

A highly-edited project evaluating a bigger topic. One week, it may be about a fad in the gaming industry, the next about television, or maybe just about Kanye West. 

Client Tailored Creation


When working on freelance projects, I’m able to work with clients in order to make the best product possible for their audience. Whether it's in the world of gaming or far outside of it, I will create something that's tailored to their needs and engages viewers.