About Me

Who is Roger Pokorny?

From my early years, I've been obsessed with the idea of making videos. It all started when I began watching sketch comedy on YouTube ranging from "Barely Political" to "Funny or Die". Not only was their content funny and smart but it seemed obtainable. Seeing people create on that level through a platform that I could submit to was mind blowing and inspiring to say the very least. 

From then on I dabbled with videos, making mostly cruddy knock off's of other creators, too cringy to ever show to the general public. However, that all ended when I found "Podcast Beyond". The show hosted then by Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty. It opened my eyes to talking about video games as not only a passion but as a career. It seemed like a dream to mix my love of gaming with my love of videos and writing, so I started to do just that. 

Later that year I created a YouTube channel and I've been utilizing my long list of inspirations as a guide to create high quality products. Through my long-form video essays that explore larger topics in the gaming and entertainment industries, my vlog series where I talk about things I did that week or my podcast, I've been slowly expanding my horizon over the past few years, creating content that I wanted to see out of the community. Somehow, through a lot of work my work has allowed me to work with IGN and Kinda Funny among other outlets around the web. 

Now, my main focus is to expand my video production to crafting an even higher level of creation. Leaning heavier into motion graphics and graphic design as well as improving my writing and tackling more grandiose topics is a large goal. I plan to also expand my already successful freelancing reach by exploring fresh advertisement tactics and SEO trends.

This is only just the beginning.